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Triển lãm quốc tế - Livestock Myanmar

Livestock Myanmar 2019

Livestock Myanmar 2019

The International Livestock, Dairy, Feed and Meat Processing Exhibition and Conference for Myanmar

26 - 28/09/2019

Rose Garden Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Exhibit Profile

Farming Equipment
Poultry Breeding
Poultry Farming
Poultry Processing System
Feeding System
Feed and Feed Ingredients
Feed Additives and Premixes
Animal Health and Pharmaceutical Products

Visitor Profile

Feed Industry
Animal Husbandry
Animal Health
Meat Processing
Industry Supplier
Pig and Poultry Farmers

Participation Fee

Shell Scheme

For businesses looking to save time and construction cost


⸱ minimum 9m2

Corner charges: 5%


Side dividing partition in white laminated panel (height 2.5m) x 2

Rear dividing partition in white laminated panel (height 2.5m) x 1

Fascia board with company name & booth number x 1

Needle punch carpet

Fluorescent tube light (40w) x 2

Information counter x 1

Folding chair x 2

Power point (5amp, single phase) x 1

Waste basket x 1

Raw space

For businesses looking to have their own branding shell concept


⸱ minimum 18m2