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Triển lãm quốc tế - Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar

Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar 2019

Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar 2019

The 3rd International Exhibition & Conference for Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair, Nail and Spa in Myanmar

5 − 7 Dececmber, 2019

Rose Garden Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Personal care product investors and traders are eyeing Myanmar with a “gold rush mentality”. Not only because Myanmar is opening up to foreign trade and investment, but also because the rate of people spending money to beauty Myanmar is increasing dramatically.

From 2008 to the present, there are many changes in the consumer behavior of Myanmar people on beauty. They started to take care of their looking. They pay more and more for cosmetics, personal care, especially hair care products.

The number of people buying hair care products has increased by 2.6% every year in the country and 3.2% in rural areas. And for body care products, the number is 1% per year in the country and 1.8% in rural areas.

Regarding the consumer’s purchasing power, beauty and personal care reached a market value of US$318 million in 2013.The opening up of the country has led to rising consumer purchasing power. It’s proved by the increase demand for imported cosmetics nearly doubled between 2008 and 2011.

Exhibit Profile

Perfumery, Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene
Natural Health Products
Health Food & Beverages
Dietary Supplements
Professional Care Product, Equipment & Solution for Beauty Salons
Salon Furnishing Spa & Wellness Facilities
Packaging & Processing Equipment
Contract Manufacturing & Private Label (OEM/ODM)
Professional Care Product, Equipment & Solution for Beauty Salons
Raw Materials
Medical Aesthetic Product & Equipment Product
Development and Design

Visitor Profile

Beauty Salon & Spa Owners
Hair & Nail Salons
Aesthetic & Wellness Centers
Local Product Manufacturers
Department Stores
Pharmacy & Chain Stores
Beauty Schools
Fitness Centers/Clubs
Bridal Studios
Make-Up Studios
Trade Publications
Trade Associations
Government Bodies