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Triển lãm quốc tế - Agro Myanmar

Agro Myanmar 2018

Agro Myanmar 2018

The 5th International Exhibition & Conference on Agricultural Fertilizer, Chemicals and Machinery in Myanmar
6 − 7 November, 2018 · 9am − 5pm · Free Entrance
Rose Garden Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

The 5th International Exhibition & Conference on Agricultural Fertilizer, Chemicals and Machinery in Myanmar will be held for any visitors who is interested in agricultural chemical, chemical fertilizers, and crop protection & biotechnology. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will meet with over 100 enterprises from over 16 countries with strong agricultural development such as China, Japan and India. Agricultural experts, agricultural researchers, enterprises representatives and government representatives in the field of agriculture will share their experiences, research results and recommendations for technological innovation in agricultural production.

In addition, during 2 days of the exhibition, exhibitors will be offering visitors the latest chemical products, agricultural fertilizers in 2018 to ensure that buyers/users know how to use properly to increase agricultural productivity as well as consumer safety. Visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with the most common chemical products, agricultural fertilizers in the present, compare prices and ingredients inside in order to not only decreasing the cost but also preventing hazardous substance to agricultural products.

Highlight Activities:
- The biggest international exhibition for agriculture industry in Myanmar.
- Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners through Business Matching Program.
- Professional Conference/ Seminar.
- Speak to the experts and gain technical insights.
- New technologies, exchanging information, new product launches.
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Exhibitor Profile

Agriculture chemicals

Chemical Pesticides & Intermediates (Pesticides, Bactericides, Herbicides,...)
Ecological Pesticides
Agriculture Chemical Production & Processing Technologies

Chemical fertilizers

Nitrogen Fertilizers
Potash Fertilizers
Phosphate Fertilizers
Compound Fertilizers
Seaweed Fertilizers
Biological Fertilizers
Foliage Fertilizers
Slow Release Fertilizers
Trace Element Fertilizers
Humid Acid Fertilizers

Crop protection & biotechnology

Plant Growth Regulators
Transgenic Products
Soil Additives
Nutritional Agents

Visitor Profile

Agrochemical wholesalers & Retailers
Chemical Products Importers & Exporters
Mass Agrochemical Product Users
Mass Agrochemical Technology Users
New Agriculture Product & Technology Applied Organizations
Terminal Users of New Agriculture Products & Technology
Farmers, Agriculturists & Agronomists
Entrepreneurs, Farm Contractors
Engineers & Technicians
Investors and Bankers
Registration Agency and Consultant
Agriculture Department
Agro Producers
Universities and Research Institutions
Government Representatives
Related Correlative Enterprises & Organizations